89ITWorld has started its operations in the year of 2012, since then it is regarded as the best IT consulting, Web development and Mobile Application development Company in India. We are the industry leaders with our highly qualified, experienced and innovative team of experts. Our experience comprises of various types of E-Commerce, Travel websites, Social Media Integration, Various kinds of APIs, Payment Gateways, Affiliate Network Development, Comparison Websites, and Search Engines, Market Place Development, Plugins Development, Browser Extensions Development, Google App Engines, AWS, WSDL, SOAP, Video Streaming, Apple TV Development, Roku TV Development, Google TV Development, Google Maps Integrations, GCM Integrations, Push Notifications etc. We are also having good experience over SVN, JIRA, TRELLO, ASANA, BaseCamp and GIT.

We create responsive and easy to understand plan, as suitable for every client, ventures that are newly outlined, developed with versatile and adaptive designs giving our clients a totally new space.

Our developers are highly qualified individuals who are competent enough to come up with highly integrated, designed and developed projects.

What does 89 Symbolizes?

'89' denotes the Indian Manufacturing Product Code, which is mentioned below barcode of every product manufactured in India and as we are IT service providers in India, we summed it as ‘89ITWorld Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ The prefix 89 creates a sense of belongingness in its employees towards the organization. Our unique identity generates the uniqueness in the types of services we provide to our clients.

Origin and Story of 89ITWorld

It came with our mindset to generate employment in the city of schools, natural resources and educational institutions, Dehradun. Dehradun is the home to world class Technical Universities like Uttarakhand Technical University, HNB Garhwal University and Graphic Era University but still students are unable to be placed and find out adroit opportunities for their career development and growth.

Dehradun- famous for its education, talent through schools & colleges has some very talented freshers and 89ITWorld want to retain this talent providing them with great career opportunities. With the aim to avoid the migration trend in the city as well as in the state, 89ITWorld, merged its roots in the city surrounded by valleys. We want to include Dehradun on the IT map of the country.

Our Team

We have hired a group of skilled developers, Digital Marketing & website designers who are well experienced to solve any complexity of your online business. Our technology geek developers build robust softwares and interactive web applications. We provide the timely delivery where we turn around every stone so as to come out with a solution which is error free for which we are most trusted and relied upon by our clients.

89ITWorld Software Solutions is a team of passionate developers and designers who after doing a thorough customer research, grounded understanding, and strategic consulting of the requirement come out with a best possible solution which is nearest to perfection.

OUR Clientele

Whether you have a small or medium sized business, we are there to fulfil all your web development and IT needs. We have successfully carried out a number of projects of our domestic and international clients. We are having presence around the globe as we have clientele in different countries like USA, Australia, UK, Denmark, Netherland, UAE, Switzerland, Sweden etc.

All that we do is consistent, studied and measured, painstakingly thoroughly considered, actualized innovatively and astutely. Our clients range from Tour & Travel businesses to wide range of entertainment, to small businesses, and everything in between.